Training: Entry 155, 8/25/16

Again, just working back into this. Little rushed today so had to skip the chins.


  • A1. SOHP: 95/105/115 x 5/5/10, 95 x 15
  • A2. Band Pullaparts: sets of 20 between each set
  • B1. Feet Up Bench: 135 x 5 x 10
  • B2. Kroc Row: 55 x 23/17/12 (350 method)
  • B2. T-Bar Kelso Shrug: 3 x 10
  • C1. Curl/Reverse Curl
  • C2. Triceps Ext

First time trying out the Kelso shrugs and I like them. Kind of a weird movement and took a few reps to get the hang of, but my back was lit up. Best description I saw was to think of it like setting up for a bench press but with resistance, big squeeze of the whole mid-back. Wasn’t able to find a good video of someone doing them on a t-bar row. Can also do it with a barbell, face-down on an incline bench, with dumbbells, etc.

Training: Entry 154, 8/23/16

This was a humbling one. So, to start a list of things that make your legs weak:

  • Women
  • Walking miles and miles with your dog
  • Not really squatting for 6 weeks
His face when I told him he killed my squat

Definitely lost a lot off my squat. It was never good to begin with, but it has really been lost in the last year and I’m not entirely sure why. Either way, I’m reframing this as my chance to rebuild. Really sandbagged my max, going off of 265, and will try to just pound the reps as I literally get my legs back under me. I think it’ll come back quickly once I get the movement and my nervous system back in shape.

Really emphasized staying upright on the front squats and did a soft lockout to keep tension on my quads.


  • A. Squat: 155/180/205 x 5/5/9, 155 x 14
  • B. Front Squat: 95 x 10 x 5, 30-60s rest
  • C1. Ab Wheel: 4 x 10
  • C2. Hip Thrust: 4 x 12
  • C3. Bodyweight Squat: 4 x 12

Training: Entry 153, 8/22/16

Fuck yeah garage dog

Fuck yeah garage gym! Spent all weekend moving and hauling, supersetted my sets this morning with more setting up and shuffling around of garage stuff. It’s not quite in its final form, but it’s gonna be great once it’s all set up.

Fall 2016 training program

Starting stupidly light to take into account 1. the re-building goal of this training cycle, 2. the long-haul/slow-cooker approach of 5/3/1, 3. the extra volume added on with FSL, and 4. the fairly exhausting weekend activities.


  • A. Bench: 155/190/205 x 5/5/8, 190/155 x 13/20
  • B1. Z-Press: 65 x 5 x 10
  • B2. BFS Row: +25 x 5 x 12
  • C1. BB Curl: 5 x 15
  • C2. Tri Ext: 5 x 15
  • C3. DB Raise: 5 x 12

Next Training Block: Fall 2016

Aaaaaat laaaaaaaast! My garage gym has come along. My commercial gym days are over and life is like a song.

A heavy song!

Photo on 8-22-16 at 12.16 PM
Not quite finished, but here’s the start of House of Traps III

As I wrote in Periodize with the Seasons, I’ll be taking a more aggressive and disciplined approach to fall training after spending the summer building an aerobic base (dog walks and hikes) and muscular base (high volume, high variety) largely away from my usual routine of heavier barbell lifts and strongman implements. I’m also finally in a better space both physically (actually having my own garage gym instead of squatting in someone else’s) and mentally (part-time work schedule and generally more stable life) to strike the iron again after wandering a bit through 2015 and 2016.

I’m really taking this block as an opportunity to start fresh after 6+ weeks away from heavy training and not a lot of work on T1 lifts, plus honestly not a lot of progress on T1 lifts for the year+ before the layoff. I’ve gone into why this is before in “6 Years of Mistakes” and hope to set some of those right in this next block. Program below, explanation below that. Continue reading “Next Training Block: Fall 2016”

Periodize with the Seasons

On page two of Dan John’s June Newsletter, he wrote about his seasonal approach to periodization. I have had this idea in the past after noticing some of my own natural, unplanned training tendencies, and want to expand on the concept with a practical training outline as I’ll be following this year. I’ve always struggled with sticking to a program through certain parts of the year. In the 5 years that I’ve been really training, summers always suck, fall and winter are always good, then I get derailed in spring when crew and lacrosse are in full swing and my mind, time, and energy is elsewhere. I embraced that a bit more this year and didn’t try to force it as much as I have in the past, but after reading Dan’s article, I’ll go further in 2016-2017.

Fall: Football and Discipline

I hadn’t thought of this connection until the newsletter article. I love the cooler weather of fall, the natural Sunday football & rest day, and the return of heavy chili meals. Fall is a time for structure and striking the iron with some more aggressive training. I will use a program like 5/3/1 that gets me pushing for PR’s every session. Support main work with specific T2 assistance lifts known to build indicator lifts. Push the T2’s hard enough so that it almost impacts the next session’s T1’s, but doesn’t totally wreck you. Fill in the gaps with necessary T3’s, don’t go crazy on the minor muscle volume. Continue reading “Periodize with the Seasons”

Training: Entry 151, 8/13/16

Parberry day, got some video. Gonna take things lighter this week after a surprisingly challenging and productive 4 weeks of training so I’m good and fresh for the first block of garage training. Will update with training plan this week.


A. Deadlift: 275/315/335 x 4

B1. Bench: 185/205/225 x 5, 245 x 4

B2. Deadstop Row: 95 x 8 in between each bench set

C1. Straight Arm Pulldown: 5 x 10

C2. Rear Delt Row: 5 x 10

D1. OH Triceps Ext: 5 x 20

D2. Curl: 5 x 10-15