Training: Entry 183, 10/17/16

Just ripped through this one today, short time and short rest. Guest appearance to the left of frame by a turnt up Kaz.

Added an article to the Recommended Articles section, “Specificity is for Specialists” by Jay Ashman. Wish I had read it earlier now that I’ve accidentally discovered the truth to the philosophy the hard way. In short:

  1. Create balance
  2. Condition
  3. Eat well
  4. Embrace the process
  5. Specialize in spurts when you have a goal, don’t live there
  • A1. Bench: 175/200/225 x 3/3/9, 175 x 15
  • A2. Band Pullapart: 5 x 15
  • B1. Push Press: 135 x 6 x 5
  • B2. BFS Row: +70 x 5 x 10
  • C1. Ring Facepull: 3 x max reps
  • C2. Ring Curl: 3 x max reps
  • C3. Ring Triceps Ext: 3 x max reps

Training: Entry 182, 10/15/16

Hit Ridgeberry with Damien today for some pretty good lifting and generally bad music. Measured the height of 6 mats at home and then hit that height using bumper plates, and deadlifts felt gooood. Axle felt terrible but I made great improvement from the first set to the second set as far as speed and aggressiveness goes, so I think that’ll improve a lot. Could definitely feel it in the old conditioning too.

  • A. Deadlift: 6 mats, 365 x 10
  • B. Axle C&P: Clean each rep, 153 x 2 x 8
  • C. SSB Good Morning: Off pins, worked up to 170 x 6
  • D1. Lat Pulldown: 3 x max reps
  • D2. Seated Row: 3 x max reps
  • E. Hammer Curls: 2 x 15

Training: Entry 181, 10/13/16

Brian Alsruhe did an awesome AMA yesterday at /r/strongman.¬†Brian’s definitely a jack of all trades in the best way–jacked, strong, and well-conditioned–and one of his ideas that I quite like is using more giant sets in training. Kaz hasn’t been happy with me using the erg and since he can play fetch now, that’s way more tiring for him than me jogging with him. Thus, my conditioning has fallen off for this cycle. I’ll be giving some more giant sets a shot over this next block while we still have the dog. Plan right now is to at least finish out this cycle of 5/3/1 to take me through Thanksgiving. At that point, I should have a ton more time with school, crew, and lacrosse wrapping up and I can look at using a more aggressive program like the Cube to take me through to spring. The 14 weeks of 5/3/1 will set me up well to tune up base strength into more max strength. Giant sets and such fits the base strength goal and I’ll be adding back in the erg post-Kaz.

It seems that no matter what is on the bar, I’m going to get 5-12 reps with it. This makes sense given that my training has included almost zero maximal work over the last…half year? I mean god, you have to go back to June to find the last time I did anything close to maximal for less than 3 reps¬†and that wasn’t on a barbell lift. So I’ve certainly been putting in a lot of work in that 65-80% range, but have lost any CNS conditioning for the 90%+ work. Something like the Cube with the rotation of speed work (good for CNS), max work (demonstrating/training CNS), and still maintaining rep work with the 80% AMRAP day would be a good change up after a long haul of base strength.

  • A1. SOHP: 95/110/120 x 5/5/12, 95 x 14
  • A2. Facepull: Red band x 5 x 15
  • A3. Ring Fallout: 5 x 8
  • B1. Floor Press: 135/155/170/185/135 x 12/10/8/6/19
  • B2. Chins: 10/8/8/10/8
  • C. Inv. BW Row: 50 total reps, elevator style
  • D1. Bench Dips: 20, 15
  • D2. Curl: 20, 12
  • D3. Plate Raise: 20, 15

Training: Entry 180, 10/11/16

“My Friend Misery” aka the squat. Elbow has been bugging me, given my 3x/wk pressing and an emphasis on rows and chins for this cycle, I’m going to spare it some work and use the SSB for this cycle. Don’t think it makes a difference anyway, squatting is just an exercise in frustration tolerance right now no matter the implement. Using the same numbers as I would for barbell squat because IDK. The GM’s were hard, clearly something I need to do more of as my whole PC was lit up from just 100lbs. I really went for it on the FSL set due to my loss to Damien in FFL. I owed him a 20-repper thanks to Cam’s concussion, and thanks to Axl Rose lost count along the way, so after video review, I did 22.

  • A. SSB: 170/195/220 x 5/5/8, 170 x 22
  • B. SSB Good Morning: 60/80/90/100 x 8
  • C1. GHR: 3 x 12
  • C2. Ring Fallout: 3 x 10

Training: Entry 179, 10/10/16

The first two cycles were really just about getting my legs back under me, getting a running start as everything else went topsy-turvy with school, dog, and coaching, and figuring out where I’m at and what I need. Mission accomplished there, so the goal of this next block is to build on that progress. Main thing I need is more calories, so I’m going to aim to keep my training very similar to last block, pushing my AMRAP sets and keeping assistance work consistent, while upping my kitchen game.

  • A1. Bench: 160/185/210 x 5/5/10, 160×15
  • A2. Ring Facepull: 5 x 12
  • B1. Z-Press: 65/75/85/95/105 x 8
  • B2. BFS Row: +45 x 5 x 10
  • C1. Plate Raise: 25 x 4 x 15
  • C2. DB Curl: 35 x 4 x 10
  • C3. Triceps Ext: Green x 4 x 20